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A magnificent 14,000 sq. ft. modern residence that embodies the epitome of luxurious living in the heart of Los Angeles. Our pride and craftsmanship shine through in every inch of this sleek abode, where form meets function in perfect harmony.

At the heart of this architectural marvel lies a captivating feature – panoramic south-facing views that embrace the sprawling urban landscape, seamlessly extending towards the horizon. This grandeur is artfully captured through our meticulous design, marked by a sprawling open floor plan that invites a sense of boundless space.

To enhance the connection with the surroundings, we’ve integrated retractable glass walls, erasing the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. Every element has been meticulously selected to ensure a symbiotic relationship between the interior and exterior spaces. The choice of materials has been curated with precision, ensuring a fluid transition that blurs the lines between the sheltered comfort of the indoors and the expansive allure of the outdoors.

At ERA we take immense pride in contributing to this architectural masterpiece. Our premium materials not only adorn this residence but also play a crucial role in harmonizing its aesthetic with the natural surroundings. Join us on a journey of innovation and sophistication as we redefine luxury living through the seamless integration of design, materials, and the captivating spirit of Los Angeles.

Architect: McClean Design
Contractor: Tyler Development Corporation
Location: Beverly Hills, CA

Photos: Annette English + Associates